Future Impact  - Vision 

2022  is all new. We have new maps and a new 47th District that represents a diverse group of voices from the 4th and 5th Wards of Columbia to Rocheport, Harrisburg, and Sturgeon. We have a new vision for Boone county.  That diversity of voices is essential to crafting effective public policy and practical legislation that lifts up our district,  the communities within it, and supports us when we need it. 

Local Control

Every community has its own challenges and its own need to craft policy according to the people who live there. Whether it's inner Columbia or rural Harrisburg, each community needs its own voice, its own policies, and the ability to pass ordinances and laws that are not undone by the legislature playing partisan politics. Representatives should listen to you and your needs.

Access to Equitable, Culturally-Responsive, and Fully Funded Public Education

I will fight for guaranteed access to pre-kindergarten, and childcare, fully-fund public schools, and stop legislative overreach into our curriculum. We also need to invest in our university system and higher education, reducing the cost and debt-load for students.

Provide Healthcare for All

I will fight to implement expanded medicare which citizens in Missouri overwhelmingly supported. I will seek affordable and accessible health care for all and make sure legislation approved by the people is fully funded.


We need to pass common-sense gun laws that keep our kids and our communities safe. We need to implement violence prevention programs in our communities including co-responders trained in behavioral health crisis intervention. We need to repeal unconstitutional laws that hamper our police from doing their jobs. And we need to appropriately pay our police to make sure we're getting highly qualified LEOs who aren't overworked and making unnecessary mistakes because they are tired.

Fight for LGBTQIA+ Rights

We will fight for MONA until it is passed, and fight for policies that end discrimination in healthcare policies and identity documents for transgender and gender nonconforming Missourians.

Fight for Free and Fair Elections

Voting should be accessible for all Missourians. I support no-excuse absentee voting, extended hour polling places, and same-day registration. Free and fair elections are a hallmark of our democracy, protected by the US constitution, and we should make it easier, not harder, to vote.

Climate Action

Climate change is a real and serious threat to our economy and the future of our planet. We must pass legislation that appropriately addresses this by centering on those most impacted by our policies. We must fight for an equitable infrastructure system with public money going toward the public good. While supporting family farms and promoting universal access to healthy food we need to work on eliminating pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as much as is technologically feasible. With extreme weather occurring more and more often, it makes sense to prepare rather than react to devastating storms that only end up increasing insurance premiums as communities have to be rebuilt over and over.

Homes for All

All over the country, there is a shortage of entry-level homes that the average worker can afford, House District 47 is no exception to that. It is vital we work together to build energy-efficient homes that people can afford. Whether we rent or own our own homes, everyone deserves access to a safe and stable place to live with access to amenities.


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